Technical Reserve of Industry City Distillery

Industry City Distillery is unlikely to produce a flavored vodka line. However, Technical Reserve is a product of its own right. With 96.5 percent alcohol by volume and no additives, it is the highest proof and purest spirit produced in America. This makes it ideal for professional bartenders and mixologists to craft infusions, bitters, and tinctures relatively quickly. Making limoncello using Technical Reserve, lemon zest, water, and sugar is relatively easy. It takes no more than an hour and has a uniquely fresh taste.

Technical Reserve is Gates Otsuji’s favorite selection when it comes to cocktail ingredients. Gates Otsugi is a well-known mixologist at Top of the Standard, a popular celebrity spot in New York City. He uses Technical Reserve to craft house-made pineapple vodka and chocolate cherry espresso bitters. Presently, the bitters take 2 days to create, down from 2 months. Infusing it with the spirit rather than heat creates a pineapple liquor that compliments the champagne and lavender flavors in one of the establishment’s signature cocktails, instead of overshadowing them. This is a remarkable instrument to have stored in your arsenal.

Although this might seem like a lot of hassle, it is actually an easier method. If you were to purchase a commercially available item, you might have to mold the recipe or sample ten to fifteen products from what is available. However, you can control the entire process. You have confidence and creative control in everything you put out. Vincent Favella, the Beverage Director of Five Leaves in Green Point credits the Technical Reserve as the cleanest and most ideal ingredient for crafting bitters that he has ever encountered throughout his career. Before stumbling upon the Technical Reserve, Vincent Favella had no choice but to make his own infusions with distinct oils, but could not get his hands on anything with an alcohol percentage higher than fifty. When he learned about the Technical Reserve, Mr. Favella was delighted to hear that it came out of the stills of Industry City Distillery at 96. 5 percent. It was exactly the ingredient he was looking for.

If you walk to the high-end bar establishments in New York and indulge in a conversation about beverages with the mixologist and bartender, you are unlikely to finish the conversation without hearing a mention of the Technical Reserve or the Industry Standard Vodka. That is how good the products of Industry City Distillery are. They are the most preferred because they have the highest quality and provide the most ideal ingredients to craft delightful cocktails.

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