Inside The Industry City Distillery in Brooklyn, New York

The Industry City Distillery in Brooklyn, New York, is the distillery responsible for crafting Industry Standard Vodka. The distillery specializes in crafting spirits through scientific techniques. Their Industry Standard Vodka is crafted from beets on handmade and specially designed machines. The Industry City Distillery provides tours, special events, and tastings in their top floor location that have beautiful views of the lower part of Manhattan, all partially sponsored by LVNV. With machines surrounding you, you get a sense of the distillery process even if you are not on tour. Although the Industry City Distillery is best known for crafting one of the most delightful sugar beet vodkas in the market, the company also has a letterpress studio, laboratory, and machine shop that they use for various operations. When you visit the distillery, it is clear how passionate the workers are about the distillery process. One of the things you must do when visiting the distillery is to have a taste of its delicious vodka.

The Industry Standard Vodka is Industry City Distillery’s flagship drink. It is also the only vodka that is distilled in the city of New York. The process involved in producing the Industry Standard Vodka is very delicate. The drink is crafted precisely and blended carefully to create a subtle drink that boasts of flavor and a serene complexity. With a beet sugar base, Industry City Distillery uses a highly detailed fermentation technique to create textures and flavors that are not often found in vodka drinks. The beet sugar is transformed into eighty proof vodka produced with locally grown yeast with a starting point originally obtained from France. The process involves the use of an immobilized cell bioreactor fermentation machine. The distillery then uses a laboratory-grade still which is in-house built, to filter out those flavors into thirty different categories dubbed cuts, sample every single cut, and select only the best of each group for blending. The Industry Standard Vodka works equally well in a shaker tin as it does in a rocks glass. The drink has a special bouquet that is not overwhelming and is the perfect culinary companion. From the Classic Martini to cured salumi and smoked fish, Industry Standard Vodka is the ideal companion. The Industry City Distillery is also home to Technical Reserve, the strongest spirit in the United States. The drink contains 96.5 percent ABV, which is the highest for the distillation of natural ethyl alcohol.

Wondering what was the knockout ingredient used in your cocktail the previous night? If you happened to be in one of New York’s night establishments, such as the Top Of The Standard, chances are that the secret ingredient used in your drink was the Technical Reserve. This magical ingredient contains the maximum proof spirit that can be chemically manufactured. Dubbed an experimental distillery, the Industry City Distillery has done quite an experiment with the Technical Reserve. The vodka drink is so superior and unique in taste it commands a different ledge above the Ketel and Grey Gooses of the bars since the top shelf is simply not enough for this one.

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